Padel is a social sport invented in 1962 in Mexico which then developed in Argentina and has been flourishing in Spain since the late 90’s. Since the boom has spread from Spain to other countries like Sweden and Italy it is the fastest growing racquet sport worldwide and has already outgrown tennis in Spain and Sweden (Sports Marketing Survey 2019).

The World Padel Tour (WPT) is the international tournament tour for professional players and is present on four continents and many countries.

Top professional players like Sanyo Gutierrez, Lucas Campagnolo and Luciano Capra have worked with PADEL OCEAN since its inception. Besides professional players PADEL OCEAN works with the WPT, Padel Federations, Clubs, Academies, Coaches and Court Construction Companies around the world.

Mauri Andrini, founder Hello Padel Academy


For professional players

We help pro players become brand ambassadors. To work with multinational companies requires a deep understanding of management objectives and processes. At eye level we analyse each players’ strengths and objectives in order to develop exciting concepts for brands who are looking for the right ambassador.

Athletes who aim for the highest performance require special attention and a trusted management team with a broad scope of experience and skills. The objective to become a professional athlete requires besides hard work and full dedication also a professional set-up. Due to its extensive background in international marketing and global sports business PADEL OCEAN speaks both the language of athletes and companies.

Photo: Sanyo Gutierrez: WPT #1 in 2018/19.

Watch this: Sanyo – best shot of history?

For junior tournament players

We guide young players how to best plan, manage and adapt to a professional career. Due to our insider know-how we work with the most reliable equipment manufacturers and help young players to kick-off a professional future with the best material suited for their playing style.

Furthermore, we support outstanding young talents independent from which country they come from with individual career advices in order to facilitate a professional career. Sanyo Gutiérrez, our next-gen ambassador, supports the best talents and welcomes each of them as part of the Team PADEL OCEAN!

If you are the leading player in your country (or age group) and think that you should belong to this elite young player’s group, please send us your motivation letter (or video) with your curriculum vitae to

Are you looking for an intensive padel training camp with top coaches in Spain? Send us your request by email.

For National Federations

We support Padel Federations with strategic marketing and communication concepts to grow their media presence, to find new sponsors and to set up programmes with education, competition and grassroots focus.

As a first step we need to understand your local needs, analyse the status quo and will then frame an individual approach.

Do you know how to set up a padel teaching methodology?

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For Clubs & Academies

New to Padel? Good, your Club is planning to invest in Padel and you might have questions about: space & construction requirements, available court types & standards, reliable construction companies, how to get new padel members, how to deal with your existing tennis members, what support can be expected from equipment manufacturers, organization of training camps in Spain, training programmes for the full year, exhibitions with pro players, etc.

As an established Padel Club you might want to increase your expertise and improve your set up. This brings you to the next level: cooperation with Spanish academies, training programmes for advanced and tournament players, organization of high-profile training camps in Spain, a big show in your Club with a pro players exhibition, etc.

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