There are few other sports with characteristics as exciting as sailing: pioneering, adventure and teamwork but also competitiveness, prestige, high-class, high-tech, friendly, multi-cultural, honourable, respectful, historical, global, festive.

When these characteristics are combined with an environmental focus, such as at The Ocean Race (established 1973), it is understandable that globally leading companies are attracted by this platform to meet prospective or existing clients, to engage with the millions of race followers and/or by the fact that the environment plays an ever more growing importance in business and society! Scientists believe that 50-85% of our planet’s oxygen is produced by phytoplankton living near the water’s surface.

A cause-based sponsorship puts a higher purpose to your brand. To race with our team means showing consideration and loading your brand in an exciting way!

In a nutshell, consumers understand what brands stand for and their attitudes. More and more brands realize that performance marketing is important but does not help build a brand’s image alone. To achieve an authentic brand image, companies need a plan that goes hand-in-hand with consumer engagement and outstanding fan experience. Our experience shows that brands who go this extra mile generate brand values with a ROI that sets them apart from followers.

Our marketing expertise helps us to understand each company’s brand strategy and positioning. Today’s overload of information and market competition require even more to equip a brand with authentic values, holistic communication and relevant activations. PADEL OCEAN guides its partners all the way from the creation of objectives to commercial planning, activations and measurement of partnership success.


The route is already announced and will lead us to ten international cities, ocean summits, educational programs and over 38.000 nautical miles.

The Race Route for The Ocean Race 2022/23:

Alicante, Spain – Race Start
Cabo Verde
Cape Town, South Africa
Shenzhen, China
Auckland, New Zealand
Itajaí, Brazil
Newport, RI, USA
Aarhus, Denmark
The Hague, Netherlands
Genoa, Italy – The Grand Finale

For this project PADEL OCEAN is working with a team of around 30 skilled and experienced professionals with backgrounds in engineering, hydrodynamics, design, logistics, communications, marketing and human resources.